Avondzon is situated in the eastern Freestate at about 300 km south of Johannesburg in South Africa.
From Johannesburg you travel first in south eastern  direction on the N3 toll road towards Durban.
After about 120 km, take the right turn near Villiers in the direction of Frankfort on the R26 road via Reitz to Bethlehem. There you continue on the R26 towards Fouriesburg. (click on map for details)








The south gate on the R26 from Fouriesburg 

is closed at the moment. 

Our GPS co÷rdinates are : S 28o 29' 13''    E 28o10' 55''

 After about 25 km, about halfway between Bethlehem and Fouriesburg, take the right turn to Slabberts and take from there the gravel road in southern direction. Do not cross the railway line! After about 4 km you see the sign of Avondzon and the road to the farm at your left side. 

From there it takes another 2 km on that dirt road to reach the guest houses.