The estate consist of four guesthouses : the main house (displayed  at the home page) cottage, flat and chalet.
There are also two barns, a few camp sites and rock caves with ancient bushmen paintings.
All guesthouses have fully equipped kitchens with electrical stoves, refrigerators, crockery etc.
Bathrooms have at least a shower and toilet and some a bath as well .
Bedrooms have two single or one double bed. Bed sheets, blankets and towels are provided.
At the main house there is a satellite TV (DSTV) available from November - April. 

In the main house is a fireplace and small electrical fan heaters are provided for chilly winter nights.
On top of the mountain there is an antenna for cell telephone communications, so the reception is perfect.
Water is supplied from private wells and is of excellent quality.

Main house       1

Cottage             2

Flat                   3

Chalet               4

Barn                  5

Rock Painting    6