The Estate


Rock paintings







                                              Avondzon is a self catering holiday estate of 266 ha in the eastern Free State of South Africa.

                                     It is situated halfway between Bethlehem and Fouriesburg, almost 6 km from the village of Slabberts,                                      which is situated at the R26 road, at a distance of about 300 km south of Johannesburg.

The estate is particularly ideal for nature lovers who will admire its tranquility, birds and beautiful scenery.

The altitude of about 1800 m of this region guarantees a mild subtropical climate for most of the year.
The nearest national park is the Golden Gate park at a distance of about 65 km.

About one third of this farm is occupied by a beautiful mountain range.

Most of the land is still in use as farmland for wheat and corn, as well as grazing land for cattle.